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Bernadette Pâques

Managing Director

+32 (0) 476 624 955

“I strongly believe in the nimbleness of mind and heart.”

Having always had a deep interest in the French language, Bernadette Pâques studied Romance Philology at the University of Liège.  She taught French at the Universities of Madrid and Leuven before working as a language training consultant. She created CompanyWriters in 2006: reflecting her own interest, it is a company working in the field of communication, dedicated to finding ‘le mot juste’ and developing a philosophy of identifying and analysing clients’ needs, while applying the most rigorous standards.

“When I created CompanyWriters, I went back to my roots, my passion for words”, explains Bernadette Pâques, Managing Director. “I strongly believe in having an enquiring mind, in the importance of communication and the will to succeed. Our passions and experiences enrich our lives, but so too do our relationships, the people we meet and our cultures… and our words!”

A finalist in the Grand Prix Wallon à l’Entreprenariat, Bernadette Pâques won the 2010 Equiwoman Award, a prize awarded by Minister Sabine Laruelle to recognize a businesswoman who has developed her company while at the same time caring for her family.

She was national President of the Belgian Association of Women Entrepreneurs (Présidente nationale de l’association des Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises de Belgique) from 2014 to 2016 and is an Ambassador for the Maison Internationale Bocholtz and Cercle B19, as well as Member of the Board of Directors of Le Grand Liège.

Since April 2018, she has been an Expert labellisé chèques-entreprises (strategic consultancy & operational excellence) accredited by the Walloon Region.


Frédérique Siccard

Copywriter & Project Coordinator

“Ultimately, one need only dare.” Philippe Sollers

A Communication Studies graduate, Frédérique is a copywriter, a web writer, a songwriter, a translator, and a journalist, who loves words almost as much as people; at CompanyWriters she has found she can combine her skills and her passions. As CompanyWriters’ Copywriting team leader, she very skilfully leads briefings, getting from them the essence of the arguments and ideas, which, more than words, will succeed in persuading and appealing to the reader. She is responsible for the targeted and convincing tone of websites, the direct and straight-talking style of press releases, and the catchy ‘teasers’ crafted for mailouts announcing company events. Her knowledge of English also means she is able to coordinate many copywriting projects for an international readership.


Béatrice Van Oost

Translator & Project Coordinator

“What really counts is what we create together.” Yehudi Menuhin

Born into a French-speaking family with Flemish roots, Béatrice Van Oost has chosen to live in Flanders. A graduate of l’Institut Libre Marie Haps in English, Dutch and French, she followed in the footsteps of her sea-faring ancestors and has travelled extensively in Belgium and worldwide.  She taught French in South Africa, and has considerable experience in the private sector; she has always communicated her love of language wherever she goes. As CompanyWriters’ Translation team leader, she manages and coordinates the work of more than 25 freelance contributors worldwide with tact and decisiveness. It is her role to specify the terminology and stylistic requirements of our clients. She is always looking for new talent so don’t hesitate to send her your CV!



Perrine Mertens

Translator & Project Coordinator Montréal, Quebec, Canada

“Living life to the full!”

Although born in Liege, her heart led her to Montréal, where she has settled permanently.  This giant leap across the Atlantic is proving to be a major advantage for the international development of CompanyWriters.  From Salamanca, where she spent 5 months as part of the Erasmus programme, to multicultural Montreal where she lives, by way of Belgium, where she often returns, Perrine likes nothing better than travelling and establishing contacts and “those close ties encouraged by the rigour and accuracy which are the trademark of CompanyWriters”.  With her vibrant intelligence, and her ability to translate into French, English or Spanish, she is constructing a bridge between continents, between cultures, between knowledge.



Julie Van Mele

Support Coordinator 

“The important thing is not to be great, but to be capable of greatness.”

Julie’s mother tongue is French, but she grew up speaking several languages as her native region is on the borders of Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. She chose to learn Italian for its harmonious, poetic and lilting qualities, English for its elegance and German because it reminded her of home. She is a keen traveller and eager for the new challenges which CompanyWriters has provided for her, commensurate with her energy, along with a desire for excellence which is matched by her perfectionism. She skilfully provides support and manages the most complex dossiers.