Cross-cultural writing for global thinkers


With years of professional experience across several fields and working with different companies, CompanyWriters can call upon a wealth of expertise, both internally and externally, to develop your written communication needs.

A thorough and systematic approach

  • At the start of the project, carefully listening to the client at the first briefing
  • Analysis of communication aims and formats
  • Meticulous use of written communication techniques
  • Always on the same wavelength to clarify a concept or fine-tune an idea
  • Mandatory in-house checking of all work carried out
  • Efficient and reliable management

Translators who are “native speakers”

  • Translating into their native language
  • Many language combinations
  • Living in their native country or region
  • Accurate, responsive and meticulous
  • In tune with the culture you wish to reach

Efficient copywriters

  • Writing in their mother tongue
  • Living in their native country or region
  • Experienced and creative with enquiring minds
  • Able to interpret your communication objectives in a proactive way
  • Respecting the terminology, style and culture of your business

Partnerships based on mutual trust

  • Shared values
  • Open to new ideas
  • Flexible working relationships
  • Integration of new techniques
  • Quality along the entire communication chain