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Our values

CompanyWriters’ quest for excellence is founded on a number of key values. By recalling these values and living them each day, our team is strengthened and we maintain relationships of trust with our clients and partners.

Our values are as follows:

  • Quality – We listen, we empathise, we analyse with rigour, strategy and experience, and we apply processes and procedures in our work. These are the principles that guide us to allow each person to work in their areas of special interest, where their particular skills can contribute real added value.
  • Transparency – Processes are clearly defined, and each person is aware that their work depends on the work of others. Projects are discussed, stored and coordinated by a project leader.
  • Confidentiality and responsibility – Each project belongs to the client. We respect their need for confidentiality and accompany them until the project is complete.
  • Timeliness – Each person’s availability must be constant and sometimes adapted, as opportunities can disappear just as quickly as they arise.
  • Leading by example – As project leaders, it is important to engage in frequent self-appraisal, so that each team member will be encouraged to do the same. Learning and leading by example go hand in hand.
  • Strength of character – Any mistake we make must be treated as an opportunity to improve our service: we face up and we move forward.

Our Quality Charter outlines this philosophy which underlies our work.