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Fun brain-teasers in three languages for Achouffe


If you like to have fun when you’re enjoying a Chouffe with good friends, then check out the beer-mats from the advertising campaign launched by Brasserie Achouffe brewery (! You’ll find some little questions on them – you and your friends can answer them over a beer.  The gnomes are clever; they get to grips with all sorts of puzzles and brain-teasers. Mathematics, logic, languages, it’s all here. And they have asked the translators and copywriters at CompanyWriters to adapt them into French and English.


“Translating is all about words and ideas, obviously. However when it’s a question of wordplay, it’s important to capture the spirit behind the words and then adapt it into the target language. This work has been done with precision and delicacy, to puzzle and amuse our clients when they are enjoying one of our beers. Three cheers to the CompanyWriters team!”

Sophie Massart, Brand Manager Chouffe