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A visible label for the ‘Moulins de Statte’


Did you know that Bayard bread, with its close-textured white crumb and crisp golden crust, made using flour from the ‘Moulins de Statte’ and certified ‘Prix Juste Producteur’ (Fair Price to the Producer) is celebrating its 20th birthday?

Les Moulins de Statte, Wallonia’s leading mill, entrusted CompanyWriters with publicising this anniversary. We started with the press release about their ‘Prix Juste Producteur’ certification, which celebrates their commitment to other actors in this very particular field (producers, warehouses and bakers), and which resulted in a very nice article in Avenir Huy-Waremme newspaper.

“You are the champions!”

Guy De Mol, Director of the ‘Moulins de Statte’