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All year round light with Lucimed


A long-standing CompanyWriters client, Lucimed is the saviour of long-distance travellers, people affected with seasonal affective disorder and night-shift workers.  The company is bringing out the second version of its flagship product: the Luminette 2, and have asked CompanyWriters to promote it.

CompanyWriters gave free rein to its creative skills to rewrite the website in French and English, to write the advertising script and the press release.  Check out the Luminette 2 here, or win your own by answering the following questions:

Bernadette Pâques is flying to Dubai from Brussels. To avoid jet lag, should she

  • Avoid sunshine in the morning and wear her Luminette in the afternoon?
  • Wear her Luminette in the afternoon and go to bed as soon as it gets dark?

Here’s a clue

CompanyWriters is developing talent within four specialities: copywriting, translation, correction and consultancy. Recently, the Walloon Region recognised one of them.  Which one?

Here’s a clue