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Consultancy, copywriting and translation: all-in-one!


Focussing on Wallonia and beyond, breaking into Flanders and beyond: these are the challenges facing a company called Deschacht/Collinet. Achieving a style of communication which is both astute and straightforward, consistent and well thought out in terms of its vision and client base: that requires getting all the decision-makers around the table, to write clear texts and to design a unifying slogan, and to produce precise translations.  We are really proud of the end result! Find out more here! We wish every success to this Belgian company, working “Hand in hand, for you!”

“When we enlisted the services of Bernadette and her team, we were aware that a fresh insight, a different perspective, would help us make better use of our strengths and synergies.  But we went much further than that: we ourselves listened much more to what we were saying, and that has enabled us to form a real connection with our customers and potential customers.”

Corine Bailly, Marketing Collinet S.A.