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Consultancy: the B19 Liège-Bocholtz sets up its Mag


2017: the year of a “fresh and exciting collaboration between CompanyWriters and the B19 Liège-Bocholtz”. Housed at the Bocholtz, this multidisciplinary business club with a national dimension has entrusted  Bernadette Pâques with “facilitating opportunities for networking, to encourage people to meet and share”, more than ever, in particular through the B19 Mag Liège.

“To be able to extend our members’ opportunities for networking with a written version, while also bringing a touch of inspiraton, feature articles, interviews and new contacts, we needed someone with a broad vision and a sharp eye.  CompanyWriters and Bernadette Pâques have proved to be our best allies.”

Julie Dessart, CEO Bocholtz and Editor-in-chief of B19 Mag Liège