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The story of Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie links the history of an amazing human adventure, an astonishing industrial journey and an extraordinary destiny, which CompanyWriters has put it into words.  With Le Château Cockerill à Seraing, Témoin d’une aventure industrielle de deux cents ans (The Château Cockerill at Seraing: two hundred years of an industrial adventure), you can discover how “an Englishman of exceptional boldness” changed the identity of a city, and how the vision of contemporary architects, in sync with Bernard Serin, have helped give it an authentic soul, looking towards the future.

“Bernadette and her team have conceived a guided walk/visit, taking the reader through the highlights of the château, its history and the people involved in it: a wonderful adventure, reflecting the great men of CMI.”

Marylène Dominique, Communication