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EuregioBizz: a brochure that rambles across both sides of the border


You can live in Liege, drinking in culture and loving everything to do with heritage, and still not know what’s happening from June to October over in Eben, Emael or Bassenge. You can live in Basse-Meuse, where the whole family has enjoyed doing traditional dances like the ‘cramignon’ for several generations, and still not know that identical folk traditions are enjoyed on the other side of the border.

To help them tell the story of this shared cultural heritage in a brochure and in short bilingual films, Euregio Bizz called on the copywriters and translators of CompanyWriters. You too can read wonderful stories and meet new people, in both French and Dutch, here:

“The CompanyWriters team understood very fast the tone we wanted to use for the brochure, a mix of tradition and modernity. Their service was impeccable, even for last minute requests.”

Judith Eurlings, Partner EuregioBizz