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Skylane Optics, aiming to connect the world


Lima, 2014: the Belgian prince is visiting, a chance convivial encounter at the Presidential Palace leads to growing trust. Diverse requests for translation – legal, technical, related to Skylane products in Asia and the US  – begin to arrive by e-mail. All are precise and cutting edge, all are urgent. Then comes an interview in the beautiful old farm at Fraire to discuss terms for editorial work, PR communiqués in particular, but maybe more. Discover the real message, tell the story and be understood. A leading provider of communications transmitter-receivers, Skylane Optics offers a vast portfolio aimed not only at business clients, but also fibre-optics for metropolitan grids and smart-homes of the future … a beautiful adventure in communication currently being written between Skylane, CompanyWriters and the world.

“Immediate, rapid, precise and correct: top for the team, cool for me.”

Philippe Bolle, CEO Skylane Optics