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The power of numbers, the strength of words!


CompanyWriters is  sharing a stand with Chiveo at the Pulse 2016 salon held in Liège. Valérie Viatour and Bernadette Pâques have decided to put their expertise at the disposal of  businesses.  The former is an engineer, the latter a Romanist; both of them share a rich entrepreneurial background, and work with figures and words with pleasure and skill. Recognised today as Advisors to the Walloon Region, they will explain why it is necessary not only to know about and monitor your company’s figures, but also to think about its mission and vision. Figures to understand it and make decisions, words to talk about it and communicate it! All this is motivated by a common desire to make your company more effective and more visible. Don’t miss this Pulse 2016 great opportunity at Médiacité Liège on 4 February 2016. Click here to join us!