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Transcreation with Prisme Editions


Nature/culture: some have spoken of an evolving dichotomy, while others reveal its constructive dialogue: this is a superb showcase for the CACLB, the Centre d’Art Contemporain du Luxembourg belge (Contemporary Art Centre of the Belgian province of Luxembourg), brought to you by Prisme Editions in partnership with CompanyWriters. This is a French/English transcreation, rather than a translation, combining imagination and precision, to the tremendous satisfaction of the authors and commissioning clients.

“Bernadette asks lots of questions. Good questions. Her team of expert translators do too. It’s a real plus in the world of publishing. Once printed, you can’t change a book. So you must be sure that everything is perfect before putting a book to bed. Bravo CompanyWriters!”

LIliane Knopes, Director Prisme Editions