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  • Café Liégeois: stimulating words


    At Café Liégeois, we "quite simply" make coffee. The copywriters of CompanyWriters went to meet these passionate coffee roasters, who pass on their know-how and love of taste from father to son. Result: an internet…read more

  • The Annual Infrabel Report: 365 days in a few words


    Reporting the events, progress and tremors which marked the year for the infrastructure management company which also runs Belgian railways, verifying the figures, hunting out the typos, correcting the punctuation: that's the job that the…read more

  • B19 Liège-Bocholtz: 3 magazines or nothing!


    With the business ecology orientated 7th edition of B19 Mag, CompanyWriters brings their collaboration with business club B19 Liège-Bocholtz to a triumphant close for this season: 3 editions jam-packed with meetings, research, interviews and reports! 3…read more

  • B19 Mag #6: an issue full of colour


    The bright red of a robin's breast. The colour of decision-making, dynamism, and music. Love, too. Sky blue and business trips, the green of the region's ecologists, the profusion of colours and shades of the…read more

  • Euro-Toques#38: CompanyWriters write and taste!


    They changed their lives or their paths, inherited know-how, discovered new techniques. They are motivated by a shared passion: to protect and promote Walloon cheeses. The CompanyWriters team listened to five Walloon cheese-makers and dairy-keepers,…read more

  • Winter copywriting for the Province of Liege Tourism Federation


    The Province of Liege Tourism Federation (La Fédération du Tourisme de la Province de Liège) entrusted the production of their Winter Magazine 2018-2019 to the CompanyWriters team! On the menu: 10 sections, a host of…read more