Cross-cultural writing for global thinkers

  • Alterego: inspiration in blog form


    Alterego combines quality materials, unique pieces and expert advice to create a range of designs for office tables and chairs, hotel and restaurant furniture or home interiors.  But when it comes to translating their blog’s…read more

  • Os’mose: a book that will make you laugh, cry and think.


    To mark its tenth anniversary, Os'mose, an organisation from Liege which trains assistance dogs, has issued a collection of stories: illuminating portraits, special encounters, thought-provoking insights into today's society, told with passion.  The team at…read more

  • Words with pizazz, the best photos


    What connects a designer perfume, an animation studio, a company specialising in the recruitment of doctors and turnkey industrial projects? Atelier Design! A Brussels agency, specialising in print design, web design, photography and illustration.  They…read more

  • Liège Aide Haïti (Liege aid to Haiti): acting from the heart


    Sometimes, providing aid to Haiti (with the organisation Liège Aide Haïti) also means finding the right words to convince potential partners, to appeal to future donors, in order to provide the training and education for…read more

  • Café Liégeois: stimulating words


    At Café Liégeois, we "quite simply" make coffee. The copywriters of CompanyWriters went to meet these passionate coffee roasters, who pass on their know-how and love of taste from father to son. Result: an internet…read more

  • The Annual Infrabel Report: 365 days in a few words


    Reporting the events, progress and tremors which marked the year for the infrastructure management company which also runs Belgian railways, verifying the figures, hunting out the typos, correcting the punctuation: that's the job that the…read more