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  • Wust: 10 years of internal newsletters


    We call it "Les Petits Potins". For ten years, Wust's internal magazine for its 500 employees has been reporting on the events, both minor and major, which punctuate the life of the company: new work…read more

  • Modern and technology for TrendyFoods


    TrendyFoods has completely updated its website to make it more relevant to the expectations of its Belgian users. Tasked with text correction and translation, CompanyWriters skilfully handled legal content, computer command tables and web communications,…read more

  • Fine-tuned communication for Wolfers


    Putting a shine on it, that’s how we could describe the proofreading work that CompanyWriters regularly carries out for the House of Wolfers.  Such beautiful jewellery needs the delicate touch of our proofreaders, and, sometimes also,…read more

  • Accord Immo: getting to the essence of things


    Accord Immo’s business is buying and selling properties, and also rental management.  Virginie Jonkers, approved agent, is a professional.  She asks the right questions, she avoids the pitfalls, she sets out the arguments, she anticipates,…read more

  • Proofreading and GÉNÉRATION {C}


    Following the inclusion of Belgian beer in the Unesco cultural heritage list and in line with its ongoing development, the founders of La Brasserie {C} and ‘Curtius’ beer are bringing out a book which puts…read more

  • All year round light with Lucimed


    A long-standing CompanyWriters client, Lucimed is the saviour of long-distance travellers, people affected with seasonal affective disorder and night-shift workers.  The company is bringing out the second version of its flagship product: the Luminette 2,…read more