Cross-cultural writing for global thinkers

  • Héros Modernes: a rich and complex translation tapestry


    Héros Modernes is a publishing house specialising in creating exceptional books; biographies of enterprises and entrepreneurs. The skill is in taking the reader on a voyage through the pages, as if it were a novel.…read more

  • CompanyWriters and Liege Airport: translations that fly – on time!


    Whether it's inviting start-ups, investors, or leaders in air cargo to Liege; or designing the future of air freight, announcing new partnerships or setting new records, Liege Airport can always count on CompanyWriters to translate…read more

  • EuregioBizz: a brochure that rambles across both sides of the border


    You can live in Liege, drinking in culture and loving everything to do with heritage, and still not know what's happening from June to October over in Eben, Emael or Bassenge. You can live in…read more

  • Our translators against drowsiness


    When a spin-off from Liege University urgently wanted more visibility in a range of languages to convince the European press of the value of their project, CopyWriters' team of translators and copywriters went to work;…read more

  • Website and multilingual catalogue for MPI 


    MPI has reinforced its international positioning by entrusting CompanyWriters with the translation of its web content, and its brand new catalogue into four languages. The company, based in Barchon, sells a wide range of synthetic…read more

  • EXKI : tasty translations


    EXKI has worked with CompanyWriters since 2017, whether to spread the word in a range of languages about their high-quality coffee (organic and Fairtrade® since 2003), or to translate a cookbook full of seasonal recipes…read more