Cross-cultural writing for global thinkers


Business writing

CompanyWriters fits into the defined strategy, clarifies an idea, understands the terminology, captures your style, and reflects your company’s values.

Giving your communication consistency is firstly a question of listening and analysing. Then comes the ability to apply the results with empathy and rigour, in a clear, fluid, sober and effective way. To reach or federate, inform or convince. Each word is a choice carefully selected with you. From the first to the last page, from the initial concept to the final version, whatever the medium, we make your projects concrete.


Polishing and re-writing

Our copyrighters polish your texts so that they reflect your company’s image and achieve your communication objectives. They harmonise the global style of the document, hone the choice of words, the presentation of figures, the font, and typography. CompanyWriters provides a stylistic procedure to get as close as possible to your vision.


Free writing – creative writing

To produce a message which touches or hits home, a slogan that nails it, a poem that inspires, you need creative freedom: freedom which is sometimes unrestrained, but always considered. A question of cultural and literary codes, music and graphics.


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Some deliverables

Websites, brochures, presentation leaflets, announcements, press releases, newsletters and emailing campaigns. Magazines, books, biographies, editorials, internal and external company newspapers, columns, slogans, speeches, business letters, annual reports, mission reports, business reports, administrative reports, minutes, greetings cards, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, etc.