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Public speaking & positive communication

CompanyWriters will help you get to grips with communication techniques for dealing with people and to build on your strengths by using the right instincts, across all mediums. Whether you are selling a product (or yourself), taking an exam, speaking in public, defending a project, or reacting to an emergency, etc. We can help make you stronger, more self-assured and confident. We win with you!


Publishing & distribution

Our experience is at your service for completing both print and web projects, books, magazines, regular publications. We work with you to formulate how often to publish, as well as how to manage the production cycle, and design the layout and production timetable. Do you need a photographer, a web designer, a video artist, a printer? We create an ecosystem dedicated to your project.


Advertising management

We define your strategies, identify the target microcosm, create personalised arguments and seduce prospects. We work with you in confidence, and optimize everyone’s visibility. Win-win is our philosophy.


Management and logistics

Project management is a rigorous organisational process requiring proactivity, logic and time management. Here at CompanyWriters, our methodology is well established.


Editorial Management

With our extensive experience in publishing magazines and books, CompanyWriters creates flatplans for your work. We establish a route plan containing all essential and useful information in terms of categories or themes, visuals and photos, copyright, publicity and other contributors to the process.

We act as the link between everyone involved in the project, giving out mission tasks and ensuring that everything is efficiently carried out.

If necessary, we also provide styling in the broadest sense, using the global mock-up of the contents (shape, volume, tone, style and specific terminology).


Text logistics

We take charge of managing all your documents and ensuring their traceability at all times, from receipt to delivery.

Our approach is systematic: acknowledgement of receipt, analysis of the request and the documents, safeguarding the mission, selecting resources, creating a dedicated team, dispatching, processing and implementing deadlines, follow-up of tasks and schedules, coordination with you and delivery in time.

We establish mechanisms which simplify things for you.


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