Cross-cultural writing for global thinkers


Multiple skills

CompanyWriters can support your projects on all continents and all cultures, in French, Dutch, English (United Kingdom/United States/Australia), in German (German/Swiss/Luxembourg), in Spanish (Europe/Latin America), in Italian and in Portuguese (Europe/Latin America), in Slavic, Scandinavian and Asiatic languages.

We work in dedicated teams coordinated by a project manager who completely understands your terminology, style, objectives and needs.

Our experienced and professional translators, native speakers, adapt your messages into their native language with intelligence and rigour, with respect to the public you are targeting, in step with their culture. They are always re-read.


Literary translation – Transcreation

Your editorial projects, your books or biographies, deserve the most elegant pens wielded by our translators. CompanyWriters prioritises dialogue with you to ensure that your work is exceptional in its new language.

For your most far-fetched projects, we will select the most creative writers.

Our teams always produce a final re-read Ok To Print version.


Other translation services

Over the past 10 years, our teams have amassed impressive resources. Our specialist translators also take on adaptations of technical, scientific and legal texts (sworn and/or legalised translations). Some excel in subtitling, others stand out in simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpretation.

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