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16/04/2012: Writing well in the age of multiple tenders and government contracts – Conference delivered by Bernadette Pâques, Managing Director CompanyWriters, at the Cercle de Wallonie

Written communication is a niche profession. The quality of a text that can persuade and reach an audience, whether in one’s own language or a foreign language, is something truly intangible. How then can one manage to stand out against the potential competition? Through the necessary coherence between the personality of a leader and his or her entrepreneurial achievement. The aspect of elegance, in a demanding environment, naturally hinged on concrete considerations, but also susceptible to mystification and a lack of customer loyalty, will be central to one’s differentiation in this “age of multiple tenders and government contracts”.

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On TV5 Monde in 2012

The many contacts made during the Belgian economic mission in October 2011 have proven to be interesting and invaluable for CompanyWriters. See the video broadcasted on TV5 Monde below to understand why the President of the Liege branch of the Belgian Association of Women Entrepreneurs eagerly accepted an invitation from the Chinese Association of Women Entrepreneurs. During its annual congress on the theme of Corporate Social Responsibility in December, Bernadette Pâques presented a conference entitled “From a pencil to RSS feeds”.


On BFM – An interview from Isabella Lenarduzzi, Founder and CEO Jump, on BFM in Brussels in 2010.



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