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Our multi-talented team bring you much more than their skill with words: they can also help you with project development and professional communication needs.


Business strategy

Together with you, we examine your company dynamic and develop the expression of its mission, its ambition and its vision.  We provide you with consistency in your communications, appropriate to targets, positioning, image and message.  We bring appeal and impact when you need to find a fitting slogan, develop your baseline or signature.  Whether we are talking about setting-up or improving your communications platform, or designing your mission statement, these are all activities which require skill, empathy and creativity.


Applying for funding

Making an application for financial assistance or participating in a prestigious competition are effective ways of raising your company’s profile.



You provide the relevant figures and the main points you wish to get across, and we will show them to their best advantage, and convey the essence of you as an entrepreneur, putting forward the true identity of your business as well as a dynamic and forward-looking image, for the business partners you want to reach and convince.