Cross-cultural writing for global thinkers


Getting an idea across, assessing a target audience, defining a strategy, getting to grips with terminology, while incorporating your core business values.

For our copywriters, the overall consistency of your communication is achieved above all by listening to your needs and analysing them.  They will then skilfully adapt them, clearly and fluently, with the aim of achieving the most effective text to touch, inform or persuade.  Great care is taken over the choice of words with you.

From first to last page, from initial concept to final version, we bring your projects into being in various media.

Hard copy: brochures, presentation boards, advertisements and press releases, editorials, internal or external company newsletters, articles, business correspondence, annual reports, minutes, greeting cards…

Internet: websites, newsletters, emails, Facebook and LinkedIn pages…


Text polishing

No matter how many contributors may have been involved in creating your text, our copywriters can polish it up so that the different parts keep in line with your company’s image and match your expectations.

The job of text polishing or harmonisation concerns the choice of words and their form, how figures are presented, the typeface, and the overall style of the document. Our stylistic process aims to meet your wish list as much as possible.


Creative writing

Creating a message which touches or which persuades its audience, or a slogan which is right on target, requires a free and even vivid imagination – but one which is always subject to careful consideration. It is a process of decrypting cultural codes.

Our copywriters are skilled at the interplay of signs and their meanings, of words and sentences, the music of language and the overall look. They are knowledgeable about other literatures, and about different ways of expression in different cultures, thus they create a coherent whole, a text with light and shadow, with meaning – or layers of meaning.